Jim Jones feat. Ludacris & NOE How to Be a Boss Lyrics

Pray IV Reign Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Pulling Me Back
  • 3 Let It Out
  • 4 How to Be a Boss
  • 5 Medicine
  • 6 Frenemies
  • 7 Precious
  • 8 Blow the Bank
  • 9 This Is for My Bitches
  • 10 Girlfriend
  • 11 This Is the Life
  • 12 My My My
  • 13 Pop Off
  • 14 Pop Champagne
  • 15 Rain
  • 16 Na Na Nana Na Na
  • [Bridge]
    Murder, cash, cars, hoes
    Fast life as usual is all that we know

    [Verse 1 – Jim Jones]
    He has risen, started from a G.O prism (hooptys)
    It was hard for me to see my vision (blinded by the light)
    Because it's blurred by the V’s, I was driven
    I also was distracted by head she was giving (she kept playing)
    It made us wonder, it was bread we was getting
    And everything we did was forbidden, forget what they do to the law
    Well some guys nasty to tame (like who?)
    But we must stay anonymous, don’t ask me no names (where’s my lawyer?)
    Cause it was all for the capital gain (OK)
    How we broke bricks a world and castles of cane (that crack)
    The flipside, sports cars faster than lane (Ferrari)
    Over the money, bullets’ll tap on your brain (bang bang)
    They showed me the money, I started attacking the game (the industry)
    I blew a half a mill on my Agassi chain (that’s so ice)
    That’s tennis on the neck (ow) now feel the agony
    We eating dinner on the jet (yum yum) we spending all the checks
    It’s drought season, ain’t looking for life lines
    And I’m just reporting like night line

    How to be a boss, follow this blueprint
    ‘fore you kick the bucket, get rich, leave a shoe print
    Get your game grown, get your name known
    Double park, grab a bitch and get your brain blown


    [Verse 2 - Ludacris]
    Nigga we used to shoot bullets in the stop sign
    But it would take a thousand bullets and the power of Jesus for you to stop mine
    Born a hustler, came here to blow the place up
    And swore I was rich till dame told me get my cake up
    So more money, more power, more clothes
    More overseas Buggatis, more powder, more hoes
    I’m the American dream, American cream
    Got America leaning and see how we serve American fiends
    That’s how we get it, we spit it, split it, and get it good
    Snatch it off Wall Street, take it home and get it hood
    I wish a nigga would, but a nigga can’t
    Tell me I ain’t the boss, I’m fully loaded and you shooting blanks
    You couldn’t touch me with your finger
    It’s Dipset, bitch the whole city’s full of bangers
    And they gang the entertainers
    So get your game grown, get your name known
    Then say hello to the stainless

    [Hook + Bridge]

    [Verse 3 – N.O.E.]
    Come an hour out of DC, met him at the BP
    20 minutes late because his chicken had to pee pee
    Feels sneaky, kept in touch weekly
    Broader cause he says he hits the pipe and gets sleepy
    So hello to VC, watching Anna [?]
    My niggas hit the checkers while we wait, it’s greasy
    Finally I spot him, he pulls up and sees me
    Told me he could front me, but I’m lifting off him easy
    Thinking he should keep it, and who you in the Jeep with?
    My business is a secret, you too eager to leak it
    Too eager to front me, too eager to pump me
    In Baltimore them Fetti boys are too eager to hunt me
    So I grabbed the rachet, told him “you can match it”
    Knowing once he tossed the product over I would mash it
    Ain’t pay him but I flashed it, enough to get his pass it
    The black owl made his answer classic, the bastard

    [Hook + Bridge]

    [Outro – Jim Jones]
    It’s all we know
    That fast life
    Getting that fast money
    Sun down to sun up
    This what they taught us from a young age
    We was put here people
    That’s why they follow us the way they do because we made it lucrative
    We turned a negative into positive and we me making a lot of fucking money from it
    By the way, smile for the camera
    It’s not only paparazzi taking flicks out here
    I guess they pissed off at us people
    We young, black, rich, and famous
    Yo we got buttons to press, shit
    Sounding like Bush, nigga I start a war off the bleep of my phone
    That’s boss talk for you
    But I’d rather get the money
    The best wars are the ones without violence fucker
    Bang bang

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