Hopsin feat. SwizZz How You Like Me Now Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Hopsin]
So I'm a flop? Nah, that's where you guys are wrong
I s___ on n____s, that's why I rap with a diaper on
Don't be approaching me with none of your mess
Talking 'bout where I belong
Just tell your friends all bout me and sit
And watch as they minds get blown
n____s on that basic s___, now I'mma go ape a bit
I know y'all prayed for this, so don't trip
Here's a handkerchief for your razored wrists
My flows got a few ways to switch
n____s act hard, I'mma change the script
Everybody begging to be out ya mind
Cause they know I got skills y'all can't prevent
When I lace a hit you impressive, none
You can take it as a lessson, son
If you was smart, you'd drop the mic and
Try to stick up a bank with a weapon drawn)
Pillow Man was slept upon
That's the reason the West was gone
But I set the bomb, when it blows up
You n____s will now where the heck I'm from
I'm keeping it raw fo' sho', flow's so diabolical
You watching 'em, but it took like 10 whole years
Just for my b____ to grow
No overnight success, I'm struggling just to write this mess
The road to rightousness was more than words and skill that I possess

I was the n____ all you n____s used to clown
Now when I come around, I got you m_________ers like "Wow!"
Yeah, how you like me now?
I'm flossin all you n____'s like BLAOW!
How you like me now, m_________er?
How you like me..
How you like me now, m_________er?
How you like me..
Ay yo Let me see you clown, m_________ers
Let me see..
How you like me now, m_________ers
How you like me...

[Verse 2: SwizZz]
S-W-I-Z-Z and add another
My swagger makes your girl want to cut, like upper
I'm mad hot, dog, my 16s should come with mustard
If you think I have a big head, then you haven't see my brother!
Stacked bad n____s swore I wouldn't make a rap
Promised it couldn't happen and hated with a passion
A mixtape later I silenced their laughing
Now the same ones would probably suck my d___ if I asked 'em
Its obvious I have it locked like CAPS
Rocking to a b____ fight beat that slaps
I do it major, Poly Sci & Bio
I dont have haters only fans in denial
Now gimme a minute to hop in my zone, I'm making 'em pop like Mary
I'm rocking the party to act all r_____ed, I'm making 'em pop like cherries
I know this n____ is wild, but I will knock him down
Just answer this question for me:
How you like me, how you like me now?


[Verse 3: Hopsin]
Oh, so you wanna be cool? You wanna be pals?
You wanna be closest friends?
See a n____ so hot, that's why I'm popping up
Like I'm toaster bread
I say s___ that don't get said
That's why I can't roll with feds
Illuminati got they eye on me
And they gonna see to it that a n____ don't get fed
My purpose ain't hard to see
I pull up on rappers like "pardon me
Your bars are weak, you spend too much time
Tryina get your sparkling charm to bling"
I be kickin them multiple syllables
Ripping up shows and holding my genitals
Get a dose of the wicked flow before your n____s run up
Sayinh "Homie, you should've known"
It's crazy how life can switch
I ain't gonna lie to you mine was s___
Not anymore, s___ changed up
From woman selection to size of t__s
I know b____es who can ride the d___
n____s who think that my eyes are sick
Showing them many agents who be loving
The melodies that I supply them with
I gotta a note for all y'all
In the rap game who got an album stacking dough
Y'all got big, chains'll start falling off like Michael Jackson's nose
Who the illest? Yall know
Hopsin, yeah, bravo
I'm 'bout to leave the building right now
AbadeAbade that's all folks

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