Bride How Long Lyrics

The Lost Reels Track Listing
  • 1 How Long
  • 2 Fine Line
  • 3 Only Hurts When I Laugh
  • 4 Lisa
  • 5 Let The Son Shine
  • 6 I Don't Get It
  • 7 Hollywood
  • 8 Sugar
  • 9 I Am The Devil
  • 10 Good Rock 'n' Roll
  • 11 Dirty
  • 12 18
  • 13 Help
  • 14 Could You Live In My World
  • 15 Think About Our Future
  • 16 Sleepy Southern Son
  • 17 Pyramid
  • 18 Echoes Of Mercy
  • 19 I Miss Dancing With You
  • 20 It's The Devil
  • Mary don't you cry, kiss me now so I can die
    Alabaster laughing sigh, A sinner with holy eyes
    Wash my feet with her tears, Choke and strangle sister fear
    Let down your pretty hair
    Touch the day anoin t the year


    How Long not long, Reap what you sow
    How Long not long His truth is marching on
    How long not long been to the mountain top
    How long not long till Jesus calls me home


    You always have the poor I prepare a place for you
    My cup runs over rod and staff will comfort you
    Kill the shepherd the sheep will scatter across the barren land The hour has now come Wash the silver from your hands

    Liverpool is dead, and the sounds that fill the air
    The president went to Dallas and he never came out of there
    If Jesus Christ offends you, you wear X's in your eyes
    Bob Dylan never changed the world and I don't believe he ever tried

    Written by: Ella Jane Thompson
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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