DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince How I Do Lyrics

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This is how

How I do

This is how I do (how I do)
How I do

Girl I know you want
You know what I got because this energy im sending you is hard for you to front
Oh in time I wanna give you some
But im not really sure if you can handle me or even get with where im coming from
So if easily I approach spitting intellect so you get the most
Vibe from me cause I know we're close
We're no run of the mill
And you'll find the life I claim
That's how I live cause I don't kick game
Ask me when and I'll tell you the same
Cause with me its not shame
Its just how I do
How how I do
This is how I do
How I do
How how I do

Listen this is not a game no balls fouled
Im searching like tom just to hunt you down
Your beautiful smile and the way you keep me aroused
Got me changing how I do to what can I do now
Its your option pick like malone and stockman
Don't stop it everything you do is love
Its like everytime you move is bugged
I got something that'll change your life if you choose this love

Cause girl I like your style
The way you move and the way you smile
Ever since you bounced we can talk a while
See whats on your mind
But before I let you in
Take you places you never been
The type of shit you go back and tell your friends
Id like to check your profile

Yo its to me not smooth with it
Im digging you but im trying to stay cool with it
Miss you too cute with it
Attitude rue with it
You get it
Its something about the way you move in it
Looking like you need love
And im feeling like doing you a favour
The pleasures mine
You leave them other lanes behind
I give you some time
Let you make up your mind
Its your move now
Take a minute I'm a cool out
Its nothing but a thing
Say the word we cruise out
You and me can do things
You out a state
Pack your bags we can move things
I'm talking about movin more than just a few things
The car the crib baby you can choose things
You wit my last name real nice cute rings
Try n show em baby love this is how we do things

This is how
How I do
How how I do
This is how
How how I do
This is how
How I do
How how I do
This is how I do
How I do how how I do
How how I do
How how I do
How how I do
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