The Old Dead Tree How Could You? Lyrics

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Sometimes I try to realise that you are gone
Sometimes I think that I'll never, (Can't) go on alone
An endless fight, to look normal, to be funny
I can only paint deadly smiles on my poor face
My poor face...

How could you leave us so suddenly?
How will we live?
How could you leave us so suddenly?
How will I live?

I'm so angry with you
How could you
Hide your pain this way?

I'm so angry with myself
How could I
Be so blind?

Every morning the same nightmare
Won't I wake up?
It's the worst pain I've ever felt:
You've given up, given up...

Because you hated life as life hated you
Like a nameless disease, like an aimless torture

I have searched for answers to explain your suicide
I've preferred the version of an impulsive act

But you knew all this time that you'd finally go
You've prepared your own death with a smile on your lips

We lost a friend
(A) part of ourselves
It will never be the same!

Something has died
With you this day
We're the orphans of your smiles!

How could you?

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