Dance Gavin Dance Hot Water on Wool (reprise) Lyrics

Dance Gavin Dance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Alex English
  • 2 Buffalo!
  • 3 Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine
  • 4 The Robot With Human Hair, Part 3
  • 5 Hot Water on Wool
  • 6 Hot Water on Wool (reprise)
  • 7 Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most
  • 8 Caviar
  • 9 Rock Solid
  • 10 Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire, Part 2
  • 11 Reprogramming Mental Preprogramming
  • 12 Skyhook
  • 13 People You Know / [untitled]
  • Let's take some time to reflect and restart
    We tip over three-wheeled shopping carts
    A crippled man with his mangled hands
    Looks at the blonde with her hideous, orange, fake tan
    Decide, decide, decide
    Who thinks that I, that I am out of line
    For being sober finding four leaf clovers,
    Lawn mowers, and truck towers
    So lucky all of the time
    Decide, decide, decide
    I've got a mind and it's weighing me down
    28 pounds, and lucky for me, so lucky for me
    I'll never see that bitch again

    So, I'll make a fist and rip the threads we've sewn
    Since it's come to this, it feels like nobody's home
    So my cover's blown, rip open the threads we've sewn [x2]

    Nobody's home
    Nobody's home
    Well, I've lied with a fantastic picture I, well I've lied
    We're going in new directions
    Well, I've lied with a fantastic picture I, well I've lied
    From sleeping away the century
    Well, let's start from the beginning right now
    I'd do that if you weren't so impatient
    Well I'll stop you and give me the time of day
    It's so sad, I've got no more lines to read

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