The Coffin Caddies Horror in Miami Lyrics

I Dream of Jack-O-Lanterns Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Armageddon's Here! (intro)
  • 2 Horror in Miami
  • 3 Monster Squad
  • 4 Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  • 5 Bleed
  • 6 We Are Venom
  • 7 Black-White-Red
  • 8 Zombiemania
  • 9 Ghosts
  • 10 Dreaming of Jack -O- Lanterns (interlude)
  • 11 I Dream of Jack -O- Lanterns
  • 12 Nightmares on Elm Street
  • 13 Michael
  • 14 Lock! Shock! Barrel!
  • 15 Poison Heart
  • 16 Skeletor Am I

  • Scream Team it's our time to yell
    This is our time, Armageddon's here!

    As the fire grows, police have lost control
    Say your last words, we are all gonna die
    Police have shed a tear
    We show our strength with fear
    We are the demons they warned you about

    There's horror in Miami
    Scream Team raise your voice and yell
    The dead are killing the dead are rising
    They're under our spell

    Zombies march forth this day
    The wolves' howl out, Armageddon's here!

    As the fire burns, they can't control our soul
    Lock your doors it could be a long night
    This war is waged below
    6 feet beyond control
    We are the demons they warned you about

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