Olivia Newton-John Hope is Always WIth Us Lyrics

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In this world where music is
A healer for your soul
Sing with me and share a song
Of hope to make you whole
In this world where laughter is
A joy inside your heart
Look inside you’ll find it
No matter where you are
Learning to be thankful each and every day
No one knows the answer
That lies along the way

A dream is just a dream till you live it
Peace is just a word till you feel it
Love is always there when you share it
You have strength
You have faith
You have hope
Hope is always here

In this world where courage lays
In each and every heart
We’re thankful for the blessings
Of all the things you are
In this world where wonders live
Everyone can dream
Miracles are everywhere
If we just believe

Repeat Chorus

Just spread your purple wings and fly
You will never know until you try

Repeat Chorus

Hope is always here
Hope is always here
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