Frenchie Hood Letter Lyrics

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When I hustle boy I double up
When I hustle boy I double up
In the streets I got them hands, don't make me fuck you up
No need to fuck you up
Wasn't no father figure, just an older nigga
That taught me how to click and that before they come and get you
My family so superstitious, laughing at my younger pictures
I take care of mine, my brothers and my younger sisters
This is my hood letter, if you don't read it, fuck it
Cause if I die tonight, I just might feel better
I take drugs to ease the pain, from the dirty game
But when I come down off my high, I still feel the same
Everybody hates you, when you doing fine
No hbo, you rent due, they cutting your cable line
You made me who I am today, but I ain't mad bout it
Court cases, niggas lying, but I ain't sad bout it
I've been through every state, forced at every show
And I do 3 a month, I think that's very stray
Who are you, this knowledge coming from me to you
God don't like ugly, and I am beautiful
Blue do 100 thousand, nothing to show for it
But I'll be damn if I go back to that public house

All I know is the hood, where everybody doubt you
Pain is my woman, what would I do without you
Papi wasn't there, does that make me a crook
Before I kill a nigga, I write in this notebook
This is my hood letter, my hood letter, my hood letter
If you don't read it fuck it
This is my hood letter, my hood letter, my hood letter
I don't gotta run

I think I lost it here, running from force to kill
I couldn't turn my back, I was forced to kill
This world is cursed, full of diseases and I'm the penetration
I catch a hiv, but that's a home invasion
Been on mtv, also bte, yelling,
Bricksquad monopoly, come and cop a key
Or I'ma tell you before you pull out your money
Them niggas didn't get the drop from me
I don't like none of you rappers, I'm a different breed
But I like some of you rappers, what you got for me
Especially when these suckers start jocking me
Hide behind the car, nah boy, let's go chop a tree.

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