Virus Nine Honor You Lyrics

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[In Memory of Robert Dawson Murphy]
This one is to dedicate, maybe a little more, to generation, family tales, to all the dogs of war not just too appreciate all the men that died, but all the ones who made it back, to all the men survived, we'll honor you! the ones who started families, our loved ones and our friends, our grandfathers and fathers that fought to the bitter end! I'll shake your hand and honor you, respect the life you led, remember all your stories and the wise words that you've said, We'll honor you!

What Are You Afraid Of? Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Us and Them
  • 2 The Cork
  • 3 March of the Thugs
  • 4 '77 Threat
  • 5 What Are You Afraid Of?
  • 6 Working
  • 7 Cutthroat
  • 8 Blemished at Birth
  • 9 The Boner Boys
  • 10 Generation Hexed
  • 11 Moment
  • 12 '82
  • 13 Honor You
  • 14 [untitled]
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