South Park Mexican feat. Powda & Tiffany Honest Man (Skit) Lyrics

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[South Park Mexican:] Damn that's pussy's good
[Angela Perez:] Oh. You like that?
[South Park Mexican:] Yeah
[Angela Perez:] Oh
[South Park Mexican:] Damn!
[Phone Ringing:]
[South Park Mexican:] Damn! Who the fuck's callin' me?
[Angela Perez:] Don't answer it
[South Park Mexican:] Hold on let me see
No that's my baby mama, if I don't answer, she'll get her ass over here. Hold on
Just don't say nothin'
Dope House
[Woman on phone:] What are you doin'?
[South Park Mexican:] Nuttin'
[Woman:] What took you so long to answer the phone? What the fuck's goin' on?
[South Park Mexican:] Nuttin' Man Damn! I'll call you back
[Woman:] Whatever
[South Park Mexican:] Alright bye
[Angela Perez:] Carlos why do you lie to that girl like that?
[South Park Mexican:] What you talkin' 'bout? I didn't lie to that girl. I told her I was nuttin'
[Both laugh:]

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