Avias Homosexuality Lyrics

Its was so hard growing up in a sophisticated world
being judged for the fact that you like men and not girls
im not saying that being homosexual is right
but to all my gays and les i understand yall fight
Its a spiritual war so yall know we have to battle
loaded guns is my bible and i can make em rattle
the world is already harsh but it could it get more wicked
straight people judge the faggots but with their sin should be convicted
People silence the truth but im putting it on blast
gays got more on their plate shouldnt be your ass
god is the judge straight people stop being blind
and to all the gays said you born gay "stop lying"
know that you are unique and are here for a purpose
dying gay going to hell just isnt even worth it
straight people realize that we need yall on all ends
we just want to live life and have a couple friends

to all my straights be nice
to all my gays live right
and together we will take flight
to a better life!

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