letlive. Homeless Jazz Lyrics

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you are the product of a prodigal son

every other person wants to take on my son
acquit every little birdy on jailbird street
they'll walk the walk with both d___ feet
they know..laugh with me

can you walk like me?
can we both burn?

in a world so full of it
it's only a waste of my time
but we love them anyway
yes we love them

I am the father of the prodigal son
never had I thought I would compete for my son
but he met another birdy on jailbird street
said she could walk with both left feet, she said
'you are the body? well, oh. I rock the body well.'
'let's have it out and we'll shake this old cell'
'you rock the body? well go on and rock the body well'
'let's have it out and shake this whole town'

now kill the army
and I'll send them all to hell
because they know what I did
I swear, I swear I will

let me kiss my momma
because I'm going straight to hell
daddy knows what I did
I swear, I swear I will

...do it again.

if we both burn. both of us can learn to...

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