Paul Colman Trio Home Lyrics

Serious Fun Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dip
  • 2 Run
  • 3 Your Sweet Voice
  • 4 The Killing Tree
  • 5 Home
  • 6 This Is Forever
  • 7 Where Can You Hide?
  • 8 Move On
  • 9 Banquet Table (Part 1)
  • 10 Banquet Table (Part 2)
  • 11 Banquet Table (Part 3)
  • 12 Departed Soul
  • 13 Dear God
  • 14 Big Boy
  • 15 All Around The World
  • 16 Weary
  • 17 Fill My Cup
  • 18 Dip (improvisation)
  • And we were sailing upon the water
    We were fighting the waves and the foam
    And we were run aground

    And we were sailing in shallow water
    It was us or the precious cargo
    And so we let it go

    When will we be home?

    Sometimes it seems like there's nothing better
    We keep falling into the unknown
    Will we ever learn?

    And we were waiting for something bigger
    Feel it there it calls us on
    But do we wanna go?

    No more disconnection
    Show me revelation
    And shine the light onto the road
    Though I know salvation
    There is separation
    And my heart it cries for home

    You say that home is a place of shelter
    But I wanna home that time or weather
    Could never break it down

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