Lili Haydn Home Lyrics

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All I ever wanted
Was to be worthy of your love
Who could ask for such a gift?
Such a tender touch
But when the morning comes & I wake up alone
It's hard to bridge the gap between the dream and letting go

So I light a candle for your journey
A second for my own
A third is burning in my heart
You'll always know where
Home is where the heart is
Be mine forever
Home is where the heart is
Be mine forever

My cup is overflowing
My breast is swollen with your song
Nothing else is quite as real
As how desperately I long
And when the world is clear and laughter's in the air
You're the only one I want to call, but youre not there

{Chorus repeats}

Light Blue Sun Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Light Blue Sun (Prelude)
  • 2 Come Here
  • 3 Anything
  • 4 Wounded Dove
  • 5 The Longing
  • 6 Denied
  • 7 The Chinese Song
  • 8 Sweetness
  • 9 Seek
  • 10 Home
  • 11 The Promised Land
  • 12 Anything (radio edit)
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