K’s Choice Home Lyrics

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I was born in a cradle of love
I had two brothers who beat me up
When I was 7 years old
I had a friend named Tom
And when we were together
I didn't want to go home, home

When I was 15, I was very confused
I made a bad habit out of breaking the rules
The kitchen window
Was my door to the night
And when I got caught
They made me stay home, home

I was 20 years old when I met you
And as soon I as saw you
I knew what I had to do
I still remember the way you looked
And how I wanted to tell you
I want to take you home, home

I'm 26 and I still love you
But as far as the world goes
I still don't have a clue
What it's for or what it's about
But until I find out
I'll just call it home. home

Almost Happy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Another Year
  • 3 Almost Happy
  • 4 My Head
  • 5 Live for Real
  • 6 Somewhere
  • 7 Home
  • 8 Tired
  • 9 Always Everywhere
  • 10 Shadowman
  • 11 Favorite Adventure (The Wedding Song)
  • 12 Busy
  • 13 All / Already There
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