Shakin' Stevens Holy Moley 2001 Lyrics

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I got some silver wingsand some cosmic things uh uh uh
I got a mojo mood and a chewed spaced suit uh uh uh

I'm a silver surfer and a third world lift uh uh uh
I've got an automatic brain, I don't feel no pain uh uh uh
Just a Gengis Khan on a one night stand uh uh uh
I'll have a coca cola and a sunlight stroller uh uh uh

I'm a ring tailed chuta, there's nothing cuter uh uh uh
I'm an element trip, I get really hip uh uh uh
The king of country and the best at bop uh uh uh

I'm the laws of banjen and the Boston strangler uh uh uh
Just a pool room shark and Noah's ark uh uh uh
I'm a dick clack piper and the black street sniper uh uh uh
And I must confess, I'm also Elliot Ness.

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