Toxic Narcotic Hollow Lyrics

Damn Near Killed 'Em Track Listing
  • 1 People Suck
  • 2 Alarm Clock
  • 3 Hollow
  • 4 L.I.A.R.
  • 5 Scumbag
  • 6 Dirty Rat
  • 7 Homebrew
  • 8 Politics
  • Open your eyes you're ****in' blind
    You live a lie
    You helped design
    Image and fame rule your whole life

    You feel no shame
    And its no surprise
    Greed and obsession
    You choose your path

    Based on possessions
    It's all about cash
    All that you work for
    Creates more trash

    All that you stand for
    I want to smash hollow
    I can see right through you

    What you say
    And do
    You're so ****ing fake

    What's it gonna take

    Written by: Billy Howerdel, Maynard James Keenan
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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