Karl Wolf Hollow Girl Lyrics

Face Behind the Face Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Life on a Break
  • 3 Face Behind the Face
  • 4 Desensitize
  • 5 Hollow Girl
  • 6 Bootyful
  • 7 Referee
  • 8 Princess
  • 9 Butterflies
  • 10 Cuz I Luv U
  • 11 Just a Moment Away
  • 12 Summer Days
  • 13 Radio
  • 14 Life
  • 15 Desensitize (club remix)
  • 16 Butterflies (remix)

  • [Chorus:]
    Temper Temper Missy she gets mad
    Once attention stabs her in the sould
    Cause man we're hun first and monsters last
    Hollow Girl, I wish you better
    Hollow Girl , Forever
    She started off as being passive Wish
    I knew the bats she would go on to produce on me
    There was something wrong
    Was clouded, Once rain touched her texture Stop
    wining, could I be the one to blame
    She was like abstract art
    Step 1, make sure you read the lines
    Trouble seldom rewinds
    Step 2, watch out for mines
    And if miss thing acts up in hate
    Ditch quick, reverse your fate
    Allow me to introduce to you
    It's ring time
    Never never surender, bet's on you
    And cheddar fall off a tree
    Drag me outside her store
    I'm blinded by infactuation
    Stopped smiling
    Securty abandoned me
    Sharks began to feed!!

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