Jay‐Z feat. Memphis Bleek Holla Lyrics

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Uh huh
Is why'all ready?
Is why'all ready?

[Chorus: x2]
If you real and you know you a G
Deep in these streets when you pumpin that D
Be in your hood screamin **** police
You keep a gun and you bust for beef

*****s say I'm focused now, they know that's my style
But dogg, I'm on the block with that coke and a smile
I still got the crack heads I.D.
And they know, I collect for the first and fifteenth

I still take cabs to that capsule spot
For them 31 illusions and them purple tops
And the game ain't change, *****s is taught different
I'm raised off one rule, never get caught slippin'

That's why I eat, sleep, **** with my gat
Bag up, take a piss, **** a ***** with my gat
And I done sold it all from crack to marijuana
You can't deny it, I'm in hoods like Tom Warner

Beat cop, take away, I keep my ****
They don't know I deliver off the beeps I get
And you snitch *** *****s want to peep my ****
But I'm a show you how deep into these streets I get


See what this game made, and of age I came
And you up and coming rappers know you young to this game
I went from Marcy to Hollywood, I'm back again*
I don't need no applaud, to clap again

Let alone, no award, from rap to win
Talk drama, get yourself wrapped up in
Severe head trauma, get beat with the nine lime-a
Cut your hand off if you ****in with my product

That slayed ****, I'm on the grave shift
We all know ****ed up money don't pay rent
You short with my ones, you short one thumb
You can't, come up short where the **** I'm from

We got, dues to pay, new tools to spray
Who's to say, Bleek won't make news today
You know the ooze'll spray if you refuse to pay
And I move the yae ***** day by day


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