The Beach Boys Holidays Lyrics

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A pirate with at tune on a holiday
Ol' lazy mister moon want a getaway
And isn't that a moon for a milky way?
A ukulele lady - a round-a-lay.
Rock, rock roll, Child!
Rock, rock roll, Plymouth Rock roll over
For a holiday - with a round-a-lay.

Abaft and forth - a starboard course with
north abeam, sherry of course.
The men will share some sport ah-now me hearty!
Not the rum of Carib scum. It's Port tonight,
drink up and come.
Un-weigh the anchor yank and we will party!

A shanty town - a chanty in Waikiki
And juxtapose a man with a mystery.
A blue Hawaiian - capture his melody.
And Liliuola Kalani will sing to me.

Rock, rock roll, Child!
Rock rock roll, Plymouth Rock roll over
For a holiday...
Long, long ago...long ago.

Whisperin' winds, send my wind chimes a-tinklin'

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