Sick Puppies Holding Out Lyrics

Everybody's telling me to just keep it together
Get back on track get out of the sack!
And that'll make you better!
Well maybe I don't want to get out of the
Water every single day
Not yet just yet!
Won't you wait till I can feel again!

So this time around got a little bit of time got
A little bit left to say
Because I'm just a loser you like to abuse got a
Little bit left to say
So would you look at the world with a different
Rack them all up and knock them down
Rack them all up and them blow them all out!

Been holding out
For a better day to cum
The I'll see the sun
With you

Written by: Chris Mileski, Emma Anzai, Shimon Moore
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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