Wild Orchid Holding On Lyrics

They say patience is a virtue
But I've been waithing too long
I believed in your promises
And it hurts to see I'm wrong

The one more tries, the sleepless nights
The countless tears that I've cried

Why should I keep holding on
When I know someone new is holding you
Why should I keep holding on
I gotta let go, 'cause love's already gone

Stairways leading down to nowhere
Roads that never end
Why keep going 'round in circles
To break my heart again

Caressed my hair, then left me the
Alone but you don't care

I used to think that I should blame myself
But it wasn't me who was seeing someone else
Now here's a me you've never seen before
As you're watching me walk right out the door

Written by: Brian P. George, Lucien J. George, Curtis T. Bedeau, Gerard R. Charles, Paul Anthony George, Hugh L. Clarke, Stacy Ferguson, Stephanie Ridel, Renee Sandstrom
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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