Hold-Your-Hands-Up-lyrics-Cascada/23015E7AF7DADEFC482575ED00820EB4Hold-Your-Hands-Up-lyrics-Cascada/23015E7AF7DADEFC482575ED00820EB4Hold-Your-Hands-Up-lyrics-Cascada/23015E7AF7DADEFC482575ED00820EB4 Cascada Lyrics

Cascada Lyrics

Do you ever miss me, Do you ever miss me
Shine your light down just to let me know,
Release the worry in my soul,
Tell me secrets that I know you know,
Come back home.

Give me the answers to those questions I,
As before we blew away
Cause when you move your like a butterfly
Flowing away.

But iv got no tears left for you,
I held on and hoped you'd come through,
I do

Hold your hands up, I miss you, I miss you (tonight)
Hold your hands up, I'll find you when I look inside

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