The Hollies Hold On Lyrics

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Standing on a corner
Nothing on my mind
When walked past a woman
She looked my kind

I said a hey there woman
What you got to do
She took one look at me and said baby
I`d like to be with you

Hold on
Wait a minute woman
I ain't the kind to phase
And I ain't that kind of woman, baby
So she says

She led me to a dwellin`
Just along the street
The best part of town baby
We gotta be discreet

Hold on (Hold on)
Got to the apartment
Number six sixteen
My, what a place it was
Best I've ever seen

She headed to the bedroom
Came upon the door
Wait a minute, darling
While I slip into something cool

I was getting excited
One thing on mind
When she rushed out of the bedroom
Said "You`d better hide "

She slowed me my movements
He caught me by the door
What was left on me, baby
Was landing on the floor

Hold on

Written by: Levi, Jr. Seacer, Billy Steele, Willie Clarke, Clarence Reid, Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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