Planet VI Hold Me Back (Remix) Lyrics

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These man I hold me back
These man I hold me back
These man I hold me back
These man I hold me with with
these girl tryin hold me rock,
these girl tryin hold me back,
these man can’t hold me back,
these man can’t hold me back.

..I open the fridge nothing but..
ain’t no air conditioner plus I f*ck hot in here
infliction no time to talk, can I f*ck more I’m scared,
so if I f*ck and run up in the bank, would I got it me bank
then you would know the reason you would have,
close the extra and plan we enough
..and pay me enough, so if I do come true floss
and it chain in the hot back them might take any f*ck
some hoe, some will, we gonna make it ..what’s son gray
without we selling weed the ice cream store
or three commercials the..,
and still the same the only thing changes is the name
love the hood but still hit with the stand,
cut teen rough like an happy child
and people up in the strip club makin in it real
f*ck this world, come in two, f*ck the world, really come in two
bip bip move your mother..when you see a real nigga coming true.


I grow up with gun man, gun man,
I side out and they gun man,
I’m yelling f*ck cups and bobby line
the nigga same thing if you understand,
if you over than over,
see might block hot, like I toast up
man is moved to the stares, when I trained when I wake
got the..they post up,
who the f*ck is nino? who the f*ck is you?
all I sort the wings ’cause you know open the blue?
buys..nothing and that’s the truth,
buys please stop frontin ’cause we in the truth,
no, home at your whine bad,
got y’all girl is I scared,
she f*ck me out in.., don’t act like you forget

[2 x Hook:]

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