Nas Hold Down the Block Lyrics

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I gotta lay down the block, when the block is hot
I gotta use my imagination, to change the situation
I gotta lay down the block, when the block is hot
I gotta use my imagination, to change the situation

Yea, Feds feast on street dons, look at their teeth showin'
Salivatin' at the mouth, South to East Orange
Keep pourin' that liquor, but ***** don't sleep on it
You'll be givin' up your Jesus piece to your peeps to pawn it

For legal fees in the penal dorm
Screamin' on the horn with 'bout thirty years on your conscience
I'm watchin' brothers disappear, it's appallin'
Some dudes had just only a year of ballin'

Counter-intelligence found a strange evidence (When the block is hot)
Still we behind the wheel with heat on us, hangin' with predicates
Position we placed in caves in, so they got us caged in
Ways spinnin' like Mike Bivens from New Edition aging (I gotta... When the block is hot)

I got families I'm feeding 'cause my mans is bleeding
Every five seconds look in all directions
I come through prepared; I give 'em a call
I'm close, bring them guns downstairs


Uh, uh, it's beef week, Monday, murder
Two *****z dead, Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday is hearse-day
Friday, somebody-gotta-die-day

Saturday, put the gat away
Chillin' wit your chick and a bag of haze
Wonderin' how it's all gon' end and what type of way
'Cause Sunday back to gunplay

Mo' **** start over nothin'
And get finished quick 'cause the art of repercussion
Yeah, I seen it, a G' going out indecent (When the block is hot)
Takin' a plea agreement, thinkin' he secret

Escape the crime scene, now you live straight like 9:15
Then one-time intervene (I gotta lay...)
My man ain't like me sayin' I don't care if I die
But the SIG Sauer on me now I'm scared to die

You thinkin' the one I send to clap you be a shorty
But he old school, holdin' a .38, he in his forties


(I gotta) Anytime brothers can't get jobs, then they rob
(When the block is hot) A man rather die than live on his knees and starve
Cops steady askin' your man what happened
First he tell then he stop, like he not really rattin'

Guess he not really in that casket from a sawed-off (When the block is hot)
Listen, peep game from the brain of an all-star
The rain hurt *****z bones who been shot
Metal pins in their leg, they walk with a limp-hop

The streets lie, (When the block is hot) so you better be cautious
Your man'll fry you plus, everybody talkin'
A vet, a General, don't step where I walked in
Make your own path, be a legend in your skin

(Hold down the block, when the block is hot)
Make your own cash, don't stress what I'm forcin'
Don't expect more when you put in less work than all them
Queensbridge projects has taught him, and that's for life
You heard me right, I got the block (When the block is hot)

When the block is hot
I gotta use my imagination, to change the situation


Written by: Mark Christopher Batson, Nasir Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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