Amanda Perez Hoe Lyrics

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It's Friday Night, we was geared from head to toe, we were lookin' so tight
the moment i leave his side she tries to creep up from behind
I see her with my own eyes, why u tryin' to lie
there's plenty of other guys, why u gotta fuck with mine
See Hoes like u get fucked up after the club
It's on and thats whats up

Go 'head and look, yeah i know he's fine
Try to run up but he's already mine
When he looks at u he laughs in your face
Silly Hoes you should know u could never take my place
Go 'head and flaunt and drop it like its hot, no matter what u do
he'll forget me not
Don't try to be sneaky and keep it on the low
You should already know to him you're just another Hoe

She said what u mean, I came to the bar to get me a drink,
Shit u was on my man faster than I can blink
What you think i'm a fool do you think he's gone leave me to be wit you
You and average chick, stop riding him like he was yours, 'fore i cock back
my hand and bust your lip
it will be a one way trip
it's your last and this is it


For all my ladies out there, u know what i'm talkin' bout
if you've got a good man, u better look out
'cause what u got, is what they want
tell them hoes they better push on, they on a mission,
better listen to what i say 'cause these Hoes get 'round everyday

Chorus 2 times
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