Beenie Man Hmm Hmm Lyrics

Undisputed Track Listing
  • 1 Undisputed
  • 2 Chaka Dance
  • 3 Hmm Hmm
  • 4 Girls
  • 5 Dutty Wine Gal
  • 6 Jamaican Ting
  • 7 Beenie Man
  • 8 Come Again
  • 9 Fire
  • 10 Heart Attack
  • 11 Walk Out
  • 12 My World
  • 13 Set You Free
  • 14 My Woman
  • Zagga! Shocking Vibes! Tony Kelly!
    Yo! Is it ironic, this gal a wine like a bionic
    Mi mack it mi *** it I sink it like a ***anic
    Dump pon it, badman deh yah mi a chop it
    Baby yuh know seh mi have it, hey

    One man alone a push a hump inna yuh (Hum Hum)
    Nuh bag a man nah jump inna yuh (Hum Hum)
    Gynecologist nuh find nuh lump inna yuh (Hmm Hmm)
    Nuh man neva bruk off nuh stump inna yuh (Hum Hum)
    Or Trump Tower Donald him a reel fi yuh (Hum Hum)
    And surgeons dem all a cling fi yuh (Hum Hum)
    Man all a tek poison pill fi yuh (Hum Hum)
    Congress a pass a bill fi yuh (Hum Hum)

    Hey! Gal tell mi yuh fantasies
    Mek mi rub dung yuh *** and round *******
    If yuh good pon yuh neck mi leff two hickies
    Wrong bang fi yuh friend but for yuh dickies
    Mek mi enroll yuh inna mi sex college
    Graduate to Professor gal gimme knowledge
    Dung a Nevil pon di beach inna mi small cottage
    Mek mi use my bulldozer and block yuh passage
    A just yuh and di I mi nuh need baggage
    Man a text yuh pon phone and leave sex message
    Dem nuh waan piece a yuh dem wan di whole package
    She just blow dem away like jail pictures, hey


    Yuh stock set heavy set tight ***** Simone
    Seh she really come ova cause I'm home alone
    Mi a ital jockey mi nuh use nuh stone
    Mix up mi baba roots wid mi tiger bone
    She start play sweet song pon mi saxophone
    See har man sum'n dead she wear black and a moan
    And she caan memba when di last time she grown
    From she meet mi she buck up inna dangazone
    Now she all ova mi like she name cologne
    Waan mi dunk inna har like a Karl Malone
    She seh di blacka di berry mi a di sweeta di cone
    Mi a di king yuh a di queen so siddung pon yuh throne


    Yuh waan leave hold on baby let mi talk to you
    How yuh fi leave and a yuh have up di Krazy Glue
    Heart a beat knees weak like she gone fi two
    Mi boo, pon yuh hand mi have yuh name tatoo's
    Who a go give mi chicken soup when mi catch di flew
    Who a go give mi sweet lovin' when mi drinkin' mi brew
    Gal a yuh alone mi wan mi nuh need nuh crew
    And how much more tings mi haffi' prove to yuh
    She a leave use di key lock di door now blue
    She a see mi buss har up or Susie Q
    She's a dancer I'm an artist dat's what we do
    And I neva' ev'a plannin' on usin' you


    Written by: Moses Davis, Xavier Cordova, Maurice Gregory, Tony Kelly
    Lyrics © Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group

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