Compton’s Most Wanted Hit the Floor Lyrics

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Kniggety-Knock, Kniggety Knock, knock, knock,
punk guess who's back, geah its that Compton *****.
How'd you figure?
That I'd give your *** the first jump,
Sorry fool, The Eiht don't sleep chump.
Some want me to stop with the violence.
Some say, take a code of silence.
But you'll get the muther****ing middle finger
Cause Eiht won't be no rap-pop singer.
Now you still want me to flip flop
Straight black no [huh]
>From the depths of hell as I bell,
Fresh outta jail, ***** might as well
get too drunk and hit the ****ing blunt,
then peel your cap back sorry punk.
Back in your **** so here we go.
Muther****ers hit the floor.

[Squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off]
[*****, I'm a trigger happy *****...]

Shiggety Shits gonna hit the fan Jack.
When I'm blunted off the muther****in chronic sack.
Geah, So hit the floor when I **** the gatt.
Bloods goin' spill when I rat-tat-tat.
*****es scream, *****s yell,
3 days later left is a ****ed up smell.
Coming from the Compton psycho.
Can you **** with me? I don't think so.
I got the mind of a lunitic
and I'll **** you quick, so you can suck a fat ****.
And take that **** to the bank.
So on the way the Eiht can gank.
And my style ain't friendly often,
Eiht times outta ten, you end in a coffin.
I don't think you can deal no more.
see-M-W say hit the ****ing floor.

Punk *** *****! Back in your **** for the nine-duece to get loose.
Eihthype in the muther****ing house...Geah.

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