Beenie Man His-Story Lyrics

Maestro Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Maestro
  • 2 Nuff Gal
  • 3 Blackboard
  • 4 Girls Dem Sugar
  • 5 Any Mr. Man
  • 6 Long Longi Lala (feat. Lady Saw)
  • 7 Be My Lady
  • 8 Yaw Yaw
  • 9 Halla Fi Di Jordan
  • 10 Girls Way
  • 11 Oh Jah Jah (feat. Silver Cat)
  • 12 His-Story
  • 13 Man Royal
  • 14 One Big Road
  • 15 Nuh Lock (feat. Little Kirk)
  • 16 Africans
  • 17 Jerusalem
  • 18 In the Ghetto (feat. Da Bush Babees)
  • 19 Romie
  • A got to big up all ma friends and
    Cho, all ma fans eeh, she it deh,
    I'm a family man, well dis one call
    Di f.w.z. ain't it work it out yu self
    Check it, listen to it, it's a shocking
    Vibes glory, laugh woo deh deh woo
    Yes, yuh hear mi, check dis.

    Well d.j. a ketch cholera, cholera
    Just true mi style a mi favor, favor
    Fi a bwoy mi no frade a ,frade a
    Caah di gal dem we bawl fa
    But bwoy yu no easy ,easy
    Wah dis di shocking vibes family, family
    Craig town no have no mercy, mercy
    Silver cat yu no baaby, bass line

    I jam for a while and look in a life
    And si how much guy wah stop mi
    But tell mi how dem fi stop,
    How dem a survive
    When dem hear man sign peace treaty
    Well me and bounty a friend
    That mean di clash thing end
    Ninja man a one bwoy weh no easy
    Well shabba ranks is the king
    Lets establish a ting who a don from donkey
    Well buju banton write unoo fi stop from fight
    And just chat lyrics whole night
    So when da song ya play unoo fi shout hooray


    Hair style well di story nuh end
    From beginning to end
    Mi chat microphone from mi little bit
    Mi use to chat pon lee's
    A me bring ades
    King jammy's sound mi use to d.j. it
    But man a fight over mic
    And man a fight fi stripe
    So di fight weh mi get mi affi leave it
    Seventy nine (79) mi split mi pick up mi wip
    And which part mi enter up a tastee
    Second place mi come
    Any way mi nuh run
    But mi go back and go win it in a eighy (80)
    Eighty one (81) mi form like a raging srorm
    That's when beenie man find glory
    Mi fus tune come a road dat a when mi nine
    Well 'nough lyrics mi chat all now mi no flap
    A di fus producer ever rob me
    But unoo look how mi neat
    Listen how mi style sweet
    Mi ago touch down in a wicked history
    Mi neva dun mi work
    When mi bring little kirk, black mice and risto benjie
    Ninety one mi bust mi wash off di rust
    When mandela come, come visit
    Us no bother guest is who
    Well a mi unoo boo
    When mi sing bout di green arm crew
    A mek no auto reverse, d.j. we get hurt
    Draw closer and listen the thirds verse, of


    Written by: Gary Jackson, Moses Davis, Patrick Roberts
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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