Ransom His Shoes Lyrics

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Nah, nah nah, that’s not what it is
That, what? No no, nah nah
The thing about it was this fuckin
George is sure he wants me to go to his fuckin party
Pardon me?
And it’s like, you know George gets all fuckin shitfaced and shit
Pardon me man, you got some change?
Yeah so, hold on hold on Carol, hold on Carol
Hey brother, you wouldn’t happen to have some change, would you?
Let me check for you lil buddy
Anything, anything can help brother
Anything can help brother
Here, see
Thanks brother, thanks brother
Here you go buddy
Thank you man, thank you man
No problem, no problem
Much appreciated brother, much appreciated brother
Oh yea, not a problem, any time
God bless, God bless brother, God bless
Hey brother
Hey, what’s going on?
Let me aks you a question
Go ahead, alright, shoot!
I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way but umm
Nah nah, go ahead, go ahead
How’d you end up like this?
Like what?
How’d you end up livin on the streets?

I was known as an honest man
18 with a college plan
Never thought that I’d be searching for food in this garbage can
They see that I’m starving man
And no one I can call daddy
Never thought it would equal out to this dark alley
People thinking it’s my fault
Like I did this to myself
Why the fuck should I cry for?
I hope that I die a dog
It’d prolly be an overdose
Flashback saw my wifey when she would hold me close
Damn that woman was good to me
I might end up catching the holy ghost
Cursed the first little motherfucker that saw me cope
I gotta get off these dugs man it’s my only hope
See this ripped up jacket, this my only coat
And it’s winter time, can’t see the finish time
I gotta dig in the garbage can when it’s dinner time
Fuck the president, white house and the pentagon
I lost my job, I lost my wife, I lost my kids
I lost my car, I lost my crib
So how the fuck they think that this nigga supposed to live?
How the fuck you think I’m gonn put some food in my ribs?
Cry motherfucker, I’m living on the streets
I do the time motherfucker, hope I die motherfucker
It’s malice in my heart, that cardboard box
My little palace in the dark
I’m a savage in the park

I came from the coolest home, allowance and student loans
The last time I looked for a job it was through the phone
Your story cut through the bone
So who’d known that this college student will be coked up when he’s too alone
It seems that a couple tears have turned to a couple bands
And turned to a line of coke, I struggle to find some hope
I’m snugging designer coats
While people in this world starve
I still question the innocence in my girl’s heart
I never gave much thought to this
Kinda makes you think, who’s the unfortunate
Grew up in an orphanage, but you still made it out
Tell me what’s the cause to this
Should I take the safest route?
How do I avoid being homeless on these streets?
Arrested sniffing coke, walking lonely on the beach
All these phonies wanna leech
Talking bout my dad’s money
And if he dies in his will, what would he have for me?
I’m just a crash dummy, life is like a bad collision
One day it’s mad sunny, then you find your ass in prison
The more I think about it, we the same
You and me
The only difference is, I got opportunities.

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