Big Daddy Weave His Name Is Jesus Lyrics

What I Was Made For Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 What I Was Made For
  • 2 Just the Way I Am
  • 3 For Who You Are
  • 4 It's All About You
  • 5 You're Worthy of My Praise (feat. Barlowgirl)
  • 6 His Name Is Jesus
  • 7 Give Up, Let Go
  • 8 Killing Me Again (feat. Fred Hammond)
  • 9 Without You
  • 10 Words of Life
  • 11 Quiet Time (Track of Silence)

  • A world full of people
    In a world full of darkness
    Constantly searching
    Searching for truth
    So shout it from the rooftops
    the Truth has come
    His name is Jesus
    and He loves you
    if you listen you can hear Him call your name
    His name is Jesus
    He gave His life for you
    and to know Him is to never be the same
    So many choices
    So much confusion
    No sense of direction
    Don't know which way to turn
    The Father paved the way for us
    it's through His Son
    To the one who is broken the one
    who is lost
    There is life to be found
    at the foot of an old rugged cross
    Thanks to thudord

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