Tabi Bonney High School Jam Lyrics

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See the note into the mirror
I see how like he's cheating me.
I can see all kind of changes,
That's really deep down inside of me.

[Verse 1]
If I take you to Denny's then we go together
I counted all my pennies, I got my Mork and Mindys
Cologne is Gucci Gucci, got on shorts like Bonaduce
Got extra coin so maybe I feel we can catch a movie
And sitting all the way in the back
She said "Ain't no need for that, cause you ain't getting that"
Oooo, she busting bubbles, popping bubble gum
She full of fire, least she ain't as subtle like them other ones
Baby hair all on her neck
I hope I get a kiss, me and my friends placed bets
Why do pretty girls make you wait for fucking ever
She told me 8 o clock, about an hour later
Damn, she taking foreverrrrrrrr, shit
She said "Sorry for the wait"
I said "It's cool, you cool, you ain't really take that long
But ummm, you look fantastic as always
That's why the boys follow you through the hallways
And I'm so glad to be here tonight
You got me feeling like New Year’s tonight, or prom night
Minus the uhhhh, you know you know you know you know"
She said "Yea, I know I know", so

So I’mma end it right there
I don’t feel like rappin’ it so I’ll tell you the rest of the story and stuff
So very very pretty girl
You know we go out, went to the movies
Sit all the way in the back of the theatre, all the way back
It was only me and her there
Maybe 1 or 2 other people but they couldn’t see us
And we start kissin’ and you know, I lift up her shirt
Started kissin’ on them titties and stuff
She had hairy nipples right?
I was done

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