SPM High Everyday (Screwed) Lyrics

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Uh, I put's it down
Uh, 1 2 3

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Am I the purest of them all?
Am I the one to ease the pain?
Make them fall to they knees & pray
Mama said son you've got to go
You turned my house into Stop 'N' Go
Out the door, please don't call
'Til you stop sellin' snowball
SP Mex remember me? The one that deserved penitentiary
With the sack of green but no gasoline
Peace to my boys up in Pasadene
It's all sweet & beautiful
Shine my nails & cuticles
My duely truck got 7 screens
Watchin' "Me Myself & Irene"

High Everyday
Dope House G's
Who never die
Just stay high

Fuck you, you can hate it or love it
Twist the top off the 40 & chug it
Chop rocks off of Chicken McNuggets
Cook 28 & get 39 from it
B12, miracle whip
46 ounces off 1 brick
Booger sugar, what I slang
In the sunshine or in the rain
Fuck the fake don't fake the funk
Buy my batch & bake it up
Taste my dope & numb your mouth
Pure cocaine straight from the south
Dumpin' led in Houston Texas
Got you bitches jumpin' fences
Runnin' for your very life
Slang Al Green & Barry White

High Everyday
Dope House G's
Who never die
Just stay high

Lookin' leaned out up in my whip
Smokin' that drip, drop, drip
Wishin' up on a star, like Christina Aguilar
Flip through Hillwood, visit Mama
She raised me without a Father
Tried her best & nothin' less
Still I'm sellin' 'caine & sess
Played the trumpet, played the flute
Please don't be afraid to shoot
SPM, mean Carlos Coy
Whatcha say mom? "That's my boy"
Now I'm rappin' & producin'
No more H-Town, call it Screwston
Just say no to hate
But me, just stay...

High Everyday
Dope House G's
Who never die
Just stay...

High Everyday
Who'll never die
Just stay high

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