E-40 Hide 'n' Seek Lyrics

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I'm in some deep ****, I got some *****s from another click
On that *** trying to run me off a ****in cliff
What should I do? Where should go?
How could I fake 'em?
Bust a ***** on that *** and try and shake em and bake em
Full speed ahead, I know they want my *** dead
Still on my bumper, makes a ************ wonder
All the dirt that I did, should just let them get me
Maybe its because I killed Rodney and his whole family
Revenge, I see my life flashing, *****s blasting
Brothas passing, trying to make me stay crashing
Into the rocks beside me, ****ing up the traffic
17th in a Malibu Chevy classic
But I'm nothing humble, just call me Yapeez Pasano
Full tank of petro, mobbin through the ****ing tunnel
**** it's bright, I think I see some daylight
Over the night, you should have seen a brothas sides right
Fit the corners on two shoes, I'm holly G
Wrapping my **** around a fifty foot oak tree
Got out the car, seeing stars, I wasn't lagging
Ran out and hid behind a beat up station wagon
You've never seen a ***** ***** run so fast
Bouncing, sneaking, and peaking, hitting bushes and ****
Never saw, like you did in that movie clip
Steady busting, these ************s ain't bluffing
I'm hauling *** and renting bullets, constantly cussing
Scared as ****, I wasn't trying to act hard
Thumbs up, and ran in a back yard
Just as I was hoping the sliding door was wide open
Out of breath, I locked the door and started talking
I need some help, I gotta bounce, someone's after me
Please don't panic, I need your help drasticly
I'm not a G, a killer, or a rapist
I'm just a ordinary black man trying to make this
Busting my bubble, the couple didn't even freak
They said relax, I'll make some coffee, have a seat
The man said, what's your name bro
**** I don't know, you might decide to call the po-po
He said that ain't my thang, I used to be a leader of a gang
Shot twice in my chest
I got wounds, where I've been stabbed
He took off his shirt and showed my his scab
I said damn partner, how the **** you survive some **** like that
Like that there without going into a coma
He said the Lord spared my life
So I could talk to people like you and teach them right
I was a dope pusher, big time drug abuser
Alcoholic, dog blumer, but a shooter
All together working from the floor
I said I better twist so I can call her
Now I'm reached from coast to coast
Said to saved from the holy ghost
I know you think your trapping
But let me pray for you junior and see what happens
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  • 2 Rat Heads
  • 3 Federal
  • 4 Outsmart the Po Po's
  • 5 Hide 'n' Seek
  • 6 Carlos Rossi
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  • 8 Let Him Have It
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