Dusk Hidden From Senses Lyrics

Jahilia Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Attachments
  • 2 Hidden From Senses
  • 3 Jahilia Calling
  • 4 Subdued Light
  • 5 Nightbulb Angel
  • 6 When Pain Becomes Liquid
  • 7 Decadent Little Girl
  • 8 Transluence
  • Unbearable to the legions of grace
    The broken glass in the corridor of centuries
    Is the only witness to the funeral of the world
    This existence runs on whispered machines
    Feeding grief to a heart that drowned years ago
    The bride cries lucid hidden from senses
    Bring forth thy requiem that states the future
    Unbounded by sexual intellect and reflections
    The bride cries undercover hidden from senses
    Fortunate is the season gray - Solitude is sterile.
    Abstraction paints a portrait - Hidden from senses.
    Like armies blinded by deceptions once unknown
    You and I will die another morning
    This passing moment is damned by the season of communion
    That confirms my insanity
    Abstraction paints a portrait - Hidden from senses

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