Z-Ro Hey Lil Mama Lyrics

The Life of Joseph W. McVey Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 On My Grind
  • 2 Z-Ro
  • 3 These Niggaz
  • 4 King of the Ghetto
  • 5 2 Many Niggaz
  • 6 I Hate U Bitch
  • 7 Hey Lil Mama
  • 8 So Much
  • 9 That'z Who I Am
  • 10 Everyday
  • 11 Crooked Officer
  • 12 Why?
  • 13 Happy Feelingz
  • 14 Z-Ro (Screwed)
  • 15 2 Many Niggaz (Screwed)
  • [Hook]
    Hey there little mama
    Why don't you come and take a ride with me
    Around the tooooo-own
    On the low, we could be going dooo-own baby
    Hey there little mama
    Why don't you come and take a ride with me
    We could smoke us a poooo-ound
    Hit the Telly, and can and gon cloooo-own baby

    Well uh excuse me miss, I don't wanna take up your time
    And this ain't none of that kitty game, with the same old pick up line
    I'ma get straight to the point, you are as lovely as a rose
    Though I'm not into one night stands, I'm eager to see you out your clothes
    Please don't take it the wrong way, I'm just spectating
    But I won't lie, and say I'm not thinking about sex making
    It was on my mind real strong, but I don't wanna rush
    We can remain friends, for a real long time
    By then I'd know, if I've been dealing with a strong mind
    Either business brain, the drugged up and gone mind
    But that's irrelevant, I'm speaking for the present baby
    Tell your girls you gon holla, jump in my Intrepid baby
    Unless they wanna come, and kick it with my homies
    If not, me and you could kick it and leave em all lonely
    I got a lot of women on my phone, trying to lay with me
    But just for tonight, I want yourself to come and stay with me


    Papa was a rolling stone, and he still rolling
    I guess that's why, I leave a lot of pussy holes swollen
    I must of got it from my dad, this macking in me
    Plus all the ladies, love this big dick I'm packing with me
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hit and run, anytime
    You make time for me, then you can come and sit and give me some
    Trying to handcuff me, you moving too quick
    Not trying to be seen in public with you, at the movies and s
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