Disembodied Heroin Fingers Lyrics

If God Only Knew the Rest Were Dead Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Heroin Fingers
  • 2 Bloodshed Rain
  • 3 Dislocation
  • 4 Gone
  • 5 Burning Cupid
  • Merciless death how you love your precious guilt
    How you pathetically hold on to you insignificant martyrdom
    The sweet taste of your fresh victims veins coursing through you
    I can feel your cold embrace on my lifeless body
    Can you save me from my suffering
    Can you save me from my feelings
    Can you save me
    I feel you but I can't see you
    Your cold embrace, your translucent presense
    A kiss of DEATH
    Adorned with sick sadistic pleasure that
    Only makes me stronger
    Reaping my final vengeance upon your soul

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