Ulrik Munther Heroes In Defeat (Change Your Mind) Lyrics

Ulrik Munther Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Sticks and Stones
  • 2 Boys Don't Cry
  • 3 King of Our Days
  • 4 Moments Ago
  • 5 Kill for Lies
  • 6 Fake It
  • 7 Alburn Road
  • 8 The Box
  • 9 Heroes In Defeat (Change Your Mind)
  • 10 Life
  • 11 Soldiers
  • 12 Fool
  • 13 Born This Way (bonus track)
  • When you're a kid
    You got heroes
    You wanna be someone
    Now you're grown and you're older
    Your heroes they are done
    I have watched as you
    Hopes and dreams slowly fade away
    You're humbled by your failures
    Before they're even made

    So maybe you should do something about it
    Those heroes in defeat you've never doubted
    Find your dreams and you might just live them
    Don't just be a part of the system

    You think you're surrounded by responsibilities
    That they won't let you move
    Give you room enough to breath
    You have heard all the reasons
    But you don't know what they mean
    Now I know you're not listening
    So I'm gonna have to scream


    If you're ever wondering
    If life has passed you by
    Then my friend you should think again
    Cause you have got it all to lose
    Right now

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