Super Furry Animals Hermann Loves Pauline Lyrics

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Hermann Loves Pauline, and Pauline loves Hermann
They made love and gave birth, to a little German
They called him MC squared, cos he raps like no other
An astma sufferer, like a Ernesto Guevara

Too much MonteChristo number four
Pass the ventalin I need some more
We have ways of making you think! etc

Her and I believe there's much more to do
Than to just be a 2.4 family
Sanity, Personality ah ah a.

They never noticed him in school
They told me, He kept himself to himself
He used to sit and stare up at the ceiling
Hermann loves Pauline
They never noticed him at school
They told me, He kept himself to himself
He used to vacantly stare out the window
Feeling energy

Why do you do
What they tell you?

Marie Curie was Polish born and French bred
Haha! French bread!
Or course she ended up dead from radiation
Slow, invisible, suffocation

At the 24 hour garage, or any service station
And as I lead my life as a quest for information
Surrounded by pies and books
Middle aged drivers and teenage cooks ah ah a


Written by: Cian Ciaran, Dafydd Ieuan, Gruff Rhys, Guto Pryce, Huw Bunford
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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