John McDermott Here You Are Lyrics

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Well hello,
Never thought I'd see that face again
Lord I can't remember when the last time was
But here you are
Hidden in a box of odds and ends
Tucked between some pictures of old friends
My Old Friend
These things just needed going through
The last thing I thought I'd find is you

But here you are
Smiling that smile
Breezy as a summer day
And here you are
Looking at me that easy way
As if to say, here you are

Well I know I really ought to toss you out
Some day I'll just have to lie about why you're here
But here I am
Taking another chance with you
Taking another glance or two
At those eyes
And here's a kiss for old time's sake
Thank God that hearts don't really break

We lost each other then lost track
But I had a feeling one day you'd be back
And here you are

A Day to Myself Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Never Doubt I Love
  • 3 Try to Remember
  • 4 Love Remembers When
  • 5 Song for a Winter's Night
  • 6 Always Back to You
  • 7 The Streets of London
  • 8 Hope
  • 9 A Day to Myself
  • 10 Home From the Forest
  • 11 Caledonia
  • 12 Here You Are
  • 13 And I Love You So
  • 14 Crazy Mary
  • 15 Today
  • 16 Smile

  • Written by: Hugh Prestwood
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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