Louis V Here We Go Lyrics

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Louis V

I wanna thank all my haters, shout out all you fake hoes
Who’s ugly ass with me but they swear they ass be J Lo’s
Think about marriage (nah)
Horse and a carriage
I was sitting that drop a gunning
Haters thinking they stopping us
All they do we just sit back
Take notes, just cop the ass
I’m fine with that in my heart
I know that I’m on top of you
In my zone, fire one
A gun on ship, it’s a mafia
We in the clique, we in the clique
We move chips like the mafia
Swear I told my flow cold, nigga I could just body ya
On my fly shit, on my fly shit
Took this tray from the party up
Body face to these bad bitches
I just call her Nadia
And they do is get close to her
But I already have fun with her
Let’s get back to this real shit
All black like Will Smith
Lot of niggas is fake, fake
Watch out who you deal with
Before is yet too late, late
Gotta watch who you deal with
I learned it all, send it all
Build too fast that gema for
My clean drawers, I hate fake shit
Yea, you on that snake shit
Talk about you on top, nigga you ain’t make shit
My A6, my spaceship
My page be my case shift
Better watch who you play with
Be the same niggas you lay with

(Hook x4)
Here we go, here we go
Hardest in the field, a lot of niggas ain’t real
Here we go, here we go
I learned it all, I seen it all, build too fast you’ll dream afar

Build too fast that dream afar,
With winter coat, that suit it all
You walk too fast, I don’t see the car
Where to safe, don’t seem to ball
On the low key like the OG’s
In the OE niggas know key
Been flippin that weight since 14
Back then niggas got about a OZ
Let’s go then I got about a whole key
2013, get it by the 14
You know 16, Smith clean
After green like a nigga you ristarene
I’m on the team with the news to go get the green
So on the scene I’m a fiend for the fred for change
Y’all hatin as must be pissed at me
‘Cause I sneeze on the mic no histamine
Hundred thou on my shit, on my back and they whip
Louis V California, the west coast is all with me
North west, shout outs to my niggas in the PTO
We blazin the trail for the mal and we lookin to grow
Man I’m too on,
They too here and I’m too gone
I muscle milk in a bowl of silk, like you lactose I run through y’all
Glad I finally graduated
Shout out the alumni, glad you made it
It even be your best friends that be hatin
But we still on top so I guess we thinkin like

(Hook x4)
Here we go, here we go
Hardest in the field, a lot of niggas ain’t real
Here we go, here we go
I learned it all, I seen it all, build too fast you’ll dream afar

My next move my blast move
Killin shit like chess moves
I pull the left, the racks loose
Them lames, they try to test you
Why bitches wanna stress you?
While strangers down to bless you
Them haters to press you
Your family be your rescue
One today, some just to you
Well these hoes gon do their best to you
I watch you while I stand next to
But these bitch niggas ex you
Never me, I oversee
Who over me to oversee
These roller keys they showed for me
So hopefully you notice me
Never crying like Jodicy
Never dealing too openly
That we the Roman like popery
My fans connect this socially
Never speakin too vocally
My crib gotta be where the ocean be
My girl speakin emotionally
I hate it when she approachin me
You know the game been called to me
And I know the game, why you coachin me?
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Til back, kill that
You noticed that the real back
Haters gotta feel that
The clubs, yea, I feel that
This verse, I just killed that

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