Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane & OJ da Juiceman Helluvalife Lyrics

Don’t Feed da Animals Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Untamed Gorilla
  • 2 What It Is
  • 3 Dope Boy
  • 4 Lost
  • 5 I’m Dumb
  • 6 Shit on ’Em
  • 7 Hood Clap
  • 8 Helluvalife
  • 9 I Got It
  • 10 Watch Me
  • 11 Man I
  • 12 Talk Back
  • 13 So Sick
  • 14 Echo
  • [Chorus]
    I'm livin' one helluvalife
    Crazy colored karats baby cover your eyes
    Front headlights and I'm smoking alaf
    One of those nights in my helluva life

    I brought a lot of ice so I shine like a star
    You see me from afar girl you know who I'm are
    A ghetto superstar in a helluva car
    A ghetto superstar, it's a helluva life

    [Gucci Mane]
    Rosay naw beer, toast
    Baby say cheers, major ice make ya say burr
    Cake so big it's like yea
    Swag so stupid I'ma real time heir
    A bunch of street *****s getting off no legal
    See me on front street but now I'm on cable, able
    But it's human nature to hater
    Playa getting papa
    Money like skyscrapa
    It's Gucci!


    [Gorilla Zoe]
    Went to sleep in Michigan, woke up in Miami (Where?)
    South Beach sleep with a ***** in my pajamas
    On the most expensive liquor
    Front the most expensive fos
    Smoke the most expensive dro
    Rock the most expensive clothes
    Cars that we ride ain't out this year
    I got diamonds on my pinky, on my wrist, and on my ear
    Baby I'm a chandelier,
    Just standing at the bar
    Like an ice cold beer
    We outta here
    It's been a helluva night


    [Oj Da Juiceman]
    Michael Jackson diamonds
    VVS Colors
    Pull up to the club in a '08 Mustard
    Busting 50 bricks, dog use a little muscle
    Young Juice man goddamn I'm a hustler
    Ghetto superstar and ma money's super double
    Prada shoe walking, the rap game in trouble
    Six go cooking
    Sold a juice bunky
    Young Juice man smoking pounds of that funky


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