Louis V Hello (Remix) Lyrics

Aye Louis aye

Who you know hotter than me? Apostrophe
Walk around the town with money bags like the lottery
Niggas stealing my swag and I ain’t talkin robbery
It don’t take a college boy to understand philosophies
About the game, a bunch of lames
Broke niggas tryna make a name
Think he poppin with that money in a chain
Do not compare us, we are not the same
Fuck you thought? I gave up on this rap shit
I took a break to let other niggas practice
I see you run, I’m bout to overlap it
They can’t touch your boy, I’m so cactus
Be circling the globe, no Atlas
Please do not confuse the lies with the facts bitch
Touch that hundred racks, waitin for this rap shit
All these boys talkin money on that little trap shit?
Stop, I’m a boss, never needed intellect
I came in the game boy, and I’ve been a threat
So while you lames talkin I ain’t even finished yet
We just started cookin, I ain’t eaten dinner yet

My chicks, you aint seen these
My crew naked, that’s green hay
501 no need crease, stick Denim, dressed to kill
Mixed niggas no blender
Pulled a bitch and I send er
I could really care less, I tell a ho go far like pinder
Nigga call me Young GI
Double Z, LE,
McFly I’m the shit, at least that’s what the bitches be telling me
They love me cause a nigga so wavy
Came in and the hoes go crazy
I don’t see these bitches, I get ghost love like Swayze
Bad bitch named moly, I just popped 2, my turnup real
Niggas don’t want no problems, LBR we keep steel
Got language like fierce ville
Flight cold like PT
All black like what it be
Eat or starve like young me
Louis got me on the mix
Reporting live from the rich
So it’s only right that I do my thing
Everything is a gang I bang, I’m just gon act a fool again
Good fly nigga you heard about
(That’s me) Yea, brother, the word is out
I’m just a mellow fellow
I know my bitches is yellow, and they love it when they hear that hello

Step out with Louis V, all gold my jewelry
Broke your bitch’s back with my dick, now she suing me
Fly nigga who’s cool as me
All black, I’m cool as you
Came out that A6, pull up in that spaceship
My old school, that’s Slick Rick, my bitch bomb like tic tic
Need there flu, my shoes sick
I get top like cool whip
Been broke like 2 bricks
Who’s that? To the chill
Flow cold like ice chill, I never change, I’ve been real
Pull up in that Cadillac, beast knockin like battle cat
Running lights like the ambulance,
Might fuck your bitch, you can have her back
Her ass shake like a avalanche, flip money like acrobats
I kill shit, where the casket at?
I still ball with them every set
Instant yellow but I’m from the take
Spit fire, who needs a match
Any flave you want in the Llac
I stay fly, where the camera at?
It’s domino and you smoking crack
Can’t fuck with me and you knowin that
Runnin shit like a runnin back
Flow hot, bring the summer back

Every day I wake up I’m thankful
Then I roll over, count a bank roll
Then I make that bitch grab her ankles
Getting to the money, do you know the lingo?
Got killers move when I say so
I’m in the fast lane, I don’t move slow
Professional globe trotter
Talk money? If not don’t holler
I’m in trus, Pradas
Getting to the moola, never been a problem
Your mojo don’t speak
I rhyme foreign, sittin on butter seats
It’s a buffet, got all type of beef
Smoking on the maple leaf, clorazine, we talkin loud
Bullshit, we cut it down
Choppa hold a hundred rounds
Balls to the C Town, meese

Hell (wuzzup) goodbye
I wish a nigga would try to run up on this so called good guy
I’m good under pressure so I shine like a diamond
You didn’t get it, you should touch up on your science
I be passing right by em, if I wanted then I’d buy em
Prior to these rappin you was a joke, Richard Pryor
Be niggas be rollin, that’s where all my tiers tired
You be sippin on that coffee, I mean all you snitches wired
Yall a bunch of zeros, tell me what you here for
You should get this yap brain, hop up out them Sears clothes
I mean fierce is just so fearful
You ballin and tell me why your pears broke
If you don’t know by now this is ya boy
I should call you Mr. Marcus, little fuck boy
Grow up, don’t you have enough toys?
We so death, we make too much noise
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Will I ever fail? Hell no
So you can tell them haters hello

I heard you got a deal, I tell em hello
Got these niggas in my grill, I tell em hello
I heard you got a mill, I tell em hello
Hello, hello
Yea, I tell em hello
They askin bout my fit, I tell em hello
Where’d you get them kicks, I tell em hello
I heard they smashed my bitch, we tell em hello
Hello, hello
Yea, we tell em hello

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