Relient K Hello McFly Lyrics

A roll of the dice
A slip of the tongue
I was stirring up the hornet's nest
It finally got me stung

Said I'd do the right thing
But the wrong was done
It's over, excuse my grammar
But the fat lady's sung

And I wish I were Michael J. Fox
I'd visit the past
Then come back to the future
Hello McFly
When I'd cleaned up my act

Yeah I don't know
What went through my head
Was my conscience shut
Was it left for dead
I said I'm sorry but
No one heard, 'cause actions
Actions speak louder than words

I think I made God angry
Yeah I'm sure that He's irate
I just hope my remorse was not
Too little to late

I gave Him my track record
He gave me a clean slate
Now I'm forgiven and I'm living
With no sin on my plate

Written by: Brian Lee Pittman, Matthew Arnold Thiessen, Matthew Ryan Hoopes, Stephen Cushman
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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