Travis Porter Hell ya talmbout Lyrics

what da hell ya talmbout?

Hit da club and Jump da whole line
Hell ya Talmbout?

Fuck da quarter maine get da whole pound
Hell ya Talmbout?

said dat i aint got it on me right now?
Hell Ya Talmbout?

Fuck around da whole hood whole hood hold me down
Hell ya Talmbout?

Hell ya talmbout (3x)
What da hell ya Talmbout

(verse 1)
Travis Porter hit da limit zone 6 kickin it (eatside!)
when we come throught all da bad girls feelin it
travis porter waka frenchie man dis shit ridiculous
drop da turn up got da whole club feelin it

riverdale ta east altanta man i know u sick of it
O LETS DO IT! stayin on sum pimpin shit
never know what ima say da way dat i be flippin it
i never got a hit man da way dat i be pitchin it!!!


French montana :

what the hell ya talkin bout?
i dont thing u understaaaannnnddd!!!!
i got stacks on top of stacks my wallet is rubberbaaannndds!!!
I said it in my last ryhme
dat was the last time dat a nigga try me
brick sqaud and Travis Porter
Lets get dis game in order
we dunkin wit flocka flame cruisin in yo daughter
a hundred niggas at the door, man ima jump da line
i ain't got no time 2 wait, patience comes wit time

I might dress this way but don't take it wrong
What you think they call me Ali for
I'll crack your dome
Oh my god so don't come at wrong Travis and
So Icey we like 5-0 strong
Oh my god Oh my god
So I suggest you not tha whole
East Atlanta with me what tha you talmbout

Gettin money, gettin money, all these niggas talk about
I aint never flexed up in my song


drinkin, jumpin on da furniture
breakfast at the waffle house
20 sausage biscuits
hold on scuse me mam what come on a sausge biscuit?
Hold up, freeze!,
let me get my team, call my nigga flocka tell him bring the whole thing
now what the hell you talmbout who da hell are you!?
say you got a pistol who da hell you gon shoot?

Waka Flocka:
I love it when dey run dey mouth
my name is always in dey mouth
i'll have em run up in yo house
if i was you i'd watch my mouth

gwalas in wallet
i got gwalas in my pockets
i got M-O-N-E-Y
shawty bricksquad till i die
hit da club high
go and get some more fire
and higher den a bird cuz i'm fly like a plane
it could be da 1st of june i can bring maybach
hell ya talmbout? have dem goons runnin asap


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