Frankee Hell No Lyrics

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At the bar when this six foot star came walking my way
He said shorty your looking kinda bored, do you mind if I stay
My best friend said you got to talk
Cause I think he plays for Atlanta hawks
I can't play, maybe someday
But right now I'm OK

I gotta man I gotta man
I gotta man and he may not be a baller but he's so good to me
He's around pick up every time I call him
And he makes me so happy, so happy

See there's this guy from New York that I
Know want to be with me
Got it all, plenty ends plenty friends from a house in Miami
Takes lots of trips wanting me to go
But then one day I had to let him go
But then one day I had to let him no
It sounds good and that's a real sweet
But my mans all I need


[Bridge: x2]
He's all that I need all I want
He's perfect for me that what's up
Can't nobody do it better
No worries,and I'm happy

Written by: Christian Gambella, Nicole Francine Aiello, Pleasan Russell, Salvatore Basile

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