Punky Brüster Heinous Anus Lyrics

Cooked on Phonics Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Recipe for Bait
  • 2 Fake Punk
  • 3 EZ$$
  • 4 Metal Dilemma
  • 5 Oats Peas Beans & Barley
  • 6 Wallet Chain
  • 7 Heinous Anus
  • 8 Heavy Metal Mama
  • 9 Crusty's at the Ivanhoe
  • 10 Picture of Myself / The Girls Next Door / Larry's O
  • 11 Metal Heads Are Punk Rockers
  • It's been 5 short hours since I tied one on
    And on the way to the kitchen for my morning cup
    I gotta run to the can before my bowels erupt

    Grab my knees and howl like a dawg
    I've got a 12 inch long jalapeño log
    You can keep that Thai, yeah I think I'll pass
    I ain't got a week to nurse my ass!!!

    I just want a normal stool!
    Hey, hey, hey, heinous anus!

    I've been on the throne all day
    I can't face the world in any other way
    Help me out,
    I wanna be someone who
    Doesn't start the morning with a molten poo!!!

    I don't want this screaming hoop!!!
    Hey, hey, hey, heinous anus!

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