The Rifles Heebie Jeebies Lyrics

None the Wiser Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Minute Mile
  • 2 Heebie Jeebies
  • 3 Go Lucky
  • 4 All I Need
  • 5 You Win Some
  • 6 Catch Her In the Rye
  • 7 The Hardest Place To Find Me
  • 8 Shoot From the Lip
  • 9 Eclectic Eccentric
  • 10 Under and Over
  • 11 On Top of the World (Hidden Track)
  • I got the heebie jeebies early in the morning
    I got the shaky knees, they come a-calling
    When I feel that blood running through my veins
    Right down from my toes to my belly and brain

    Gotta shake myself, jump up in the shower
    Gotta fix my health, how many hours
    Did I spent last night with the whiskey neat
    In a really big zone on the floor until I lost the beat
    And now I'm incomplete

    Heebie jeebies

    I get a cardiac arrest every minute
    Gotta jump right out the ship 'cause I'm in it
    But my mouth goes dry when I try to speak
    Is my mind in charge or it's blowing my feet out

    Heaven help, help me recover
    Get a call from Tel and I don't know your brother
    Said we met last night about ten to three
    And put the world to rights in a minute on an empty street
    And now I'm incomplete

    Heebie jeebies
    Heebie jeebies

    And now I got those heebie jeebies again
    But I guess at what price it depends
    'Cause I know sometimes you gotta release
    And I'll be feeling much better when I realize that it's sweet
    I think we all agree, you've gotta have a good time

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